Summer Track: Expectations, Where to meet, and What to bring

Where to meet, what to bring, and what to expect: 

Summer is here!  Here is some important information including things you'll need. 


Where we meet: 

We will meet Monday through Friday at the Davis High School Track.  Specifically, we will congregate in the east bleachers, near our equipment shed.  On the first day, we'll have a couple of greeters out in front to help you. Practice begins at 9am, so we recommend arriving at 8:45 or so.  

What you must bring: 

Comfortable "athletic" clothing: shorts, t-shirts, etc. 

A good pair of "athletic" shoes: running shoes are ideal. 

A water bottle. 


What you might bring: 

A hat. 

Event-specific spikes: If you own spikes, bring them.  If not, don't worry about it. 

A snack: please no peanut products. 

What you may not bring: 

Video games: Or, if you have a portable video game device, leave it in your bag.

What to expect: 

We are going to work hard but intelligently.  The workouts will be age appropriate, but we hope to expose every athlete to the joy and self-satisfaction that comes from working hard.  Fatigue and soreness are byproducts of this kind of work.  We usually do these strength-building workouts first.   

We will also do track and field event-specific workouts.  Another goal is for our athletes to learn the proper mechanics of the events in track and field.  No prior experience necessary!  For new folks, this might be more about exploring all of the events.  For experiences folks, this might be more about fine tuning an existing skill-set. 

You can expect quality coaching from enthusiastic and knowledgable people.  We have an oustanding staff this year!