Winter Break Workouts

These are designed for sprinters, hurdlers, and jumpers.  This is not a day-by-day schedule; it's a "workout menu" with one week of activities. You may decide which workouts to do on which days.  Since it's a two-week break, you'd do these twice. 

a. warmup, drills, 15xstrides, core

b. warmup, drills, 4x 30m bounding, 4x30m lunge walks, 4x10 frog jumps, 4x10 lunge jumps, cool down, core

c. warmup, drills, 8x100m @ 75% of max speed, 2.5 minutes of recovery, cool down

d. warmup, drills, 30minute easy jog, drills, core

e. warmup, drills, 10x 30-30-30 (75%-90%-75%), core

f. rest

g. rest